Agile partner

Do you need long-term operational security, or did things go wrong unexpectedly? We handle fault repairs quickly and take on the responsibility of regular upkeep of building systems.

Charging solutions for electric cars

The fast-paced electrification of traffic requires building companies to take action quickly. Contact us to find out more about charging solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Technical building service maintenance contract

The users of the property expect to have uninterrupted services in exchange for the fees they are paying. And if interruptions occur, they want them to be resolved immediately. More and more properties want to ensure this by making a technical building services maintenance contract.

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Alteration work projects

Change – should you fear or embrace it? When one and the same supervisor is in charge of the implementation and monitoring of both electrical and HPAC work, the latter is likely to be the case.

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On call around the clock

When we know the technical building services of the building we are managing like the back of our hand, we are able to offer more comprehensive services than usual. Our contract clients enjoy a special relationship with us.

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Building automation

Buildings are able to manage on their own if the right prerequisites are there. Constantly developing building automation makes sites more and more independent. This does not mean that buildings no longer need supervision.

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Energy efficiency solutions

The constant rise in costs pushes building companies to find ways to save on operating costs. It can be done: savings in energy consumption translate to savings in money.

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Intelligent lighting

Why should you light empty spaces? Is the lighting optimised for the tasks performed? Could we save on lighting without compromising on performance? What are LED lights? Can they be used in offices?

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In addition to possibly causing serious damage to properties and interruptions to users, faults in operation also get on people’s nerves. Fast repairs equal happy customers.

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